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Official Sea of Thieves Content Update: The Arena

Suzie Ford Posted:
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Official Sea of Thieves Content Update: The Arena

Sea of Thieves is giving its players some all new ways to play the game when it opens The Arena on April 30th. Players will be able to "experience the thrill of competition and engage in explosive encounters" while there and show off their prowess in battle. 

The Arena is a brand new game mode that "is designed to complement the existing adventure" and allows players to engage in PvP activities at-will and to provide "more action-focus encounters". The team is hoping that the gameplay in The Arena will require more teamwork and strategy than ever before to give players an entirely new way to play.

Players will meet the Sea Dogs "who embody the spirit of The Arena":

The Sea Dogs are run by Lesedi and DeMarco Singh, twins and rivals who embody the spirit of The Arena – lively and sometimes savage competition tempered by mutual respect. 

Stars of the official Sea of Thieves comic series, Lesedi and DeMarco are proud pirates who have seen their share of adventures and desperate scrapes. They have now turned their efforts towards creating the Sea Dogs, a Trading Company that encourages feats of skill and the right to show off – all for the fortune and glory!

They hang out in the Sea Dog Tavern, a place where potential combatants gather where they can "explore, drink and chat with other challengers". 

Read the full post on the Sea of Thieves site.


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