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No Man's Sky: Origins Update Released - Adds New Planets and More

A Large, Worthwhile Update

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No Man's Sky: Origins Update Released - Adds New Planets and More

 No Man’s Sky has released a humongous update titled, Origins, that has expanded the universe, added a ton of new worlds to explore, creatures to discover, and new weather effects to contend with. The landscapes have also diversified quite a bit, making the universe of No Man’s Sky much more visually appealing.

The update also provides some user interface changes, and a long list of bug fixes. Players will get to find new creatures, scan new flora and fauna, and see a variety of weather conditions and new habitats such as swamps and marshes. Photo mode has also been revamped. The update is enormous and you can check out everything the update has to offer on the official release notice. The release was marked by a tweet from Hello Games’ Founder, Sean Murray:

Adventurous players may find some added enjoyment in exploring planets that have been infested with dangerous life forms and vegetative growths, that will add more danger to the exploration aspects of the game. This isn’t the first time No Man’s Sky has added a large update with major changes, aimed at making the game more vast and dangerous, as the Desolation Update that released earlier this year added potentially dangerous freighters to explore.


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