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No Man's Sky Next Generation Introduces Graphic Enhancements and Better Performance on Console

No Man's Sky: The Next Generation

Steven Weber Posted:
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No Man's Sky Next Generation Introduces Graphic Enhancements and Better Performance on Console

As if No Man’s Sky couldn’t get any better, the team at Hello Games once again proves that, yes it can, with the introduction of update 3.10 that will be available for the next generation of consoles the Xbox Series X|S and the PS5. The update will bring the universe to life in ways console players have yet to experience.

The upgrades mentioned are available to PC players, but for console players, they have certainly been missing out on the lush, varied, and detailed terrains. The ability to construct larger and more complex buildings, and increased multiplayer options will also be available to console gamers for the first time. Something else that’s really cool, for those that have not been made aware, is that all iterations of the No Man’s Sky universe are accessible through crossplay. That means, no matter if you’re an Xbox, PS or PC person, you can play with your friends across platforms, while playing across the universe.

Hello games believes that players with access to 4K capable TV’s will also be able to enjoy No Man’s Sky at 4K with 60FPS utilizing ultra-high resolutions while running on the Xbox Series X and Playstation 5, though Xbox Series S owners will likely see decreased framerates when running at high quality, native resolution.

Hello Games has been adding tons of free content to No Man’s Sky since release, turning the game into one of the best spacefaring titles out today. You can also read up on an interview with Sean Murray where he talks a little about Hello Games’ next project.


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