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No Man's Sky Adds Mass Effect's Normandy As Expedition Reward

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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No Man's Sky Adds Mass Effect's Normandy As Expedition Reward

For those of us playing Mass Effect Legendary Edition, the SSV Normandy SR1 is a sight to behold. But what if you want to keep the Normandy, but explore more of the unknown in No Man's Sky? Well, now you can.

No Man's Sky's Hello Games and BioWare have teamed up for the crossover, bringing the Normandy from the Mass Effect series to NMS as a reward in one of its latest expeditions. The reward acts as an Easter Egg of sorts, appearing as a surprise reward for completing the content, allowing players to board and fly the Normandy in No Man's Sky as if they never left the remasters.

You can see the Normandy in action in No Man's Sky in a new trailer, embedded above. The expedition in question is the Beachhead Expedition, with players working to unlock the secrets of where the puzzles and turns would take them. However, the Normandy lay in wait for them, after intrepid players unlocked the secrets of the 'Historiographical Dosimeter."

For the last week the No Man’s Sky community have worked together on the new Beachhead expedition, solving the puzzle of its hidden and encrypted goals. Today is a lovely moment, as explorers are discovering that at the end of this mystery is the appearance of the legendary SSV Normandy SR1 from Mass Effect!

It's a massive ship in No Man's Sky, taking up a huge amount of space on the skyline when it appears to players, though this crossover won't last long. Players will only have until May 31st to claim their Normandy before it's gone. Check out the No Man's Sky blog for more information on the journey itself.


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