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New World's Latest Forged In Aeternum Video Talks About Lore In The MMORPG

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New World's Latest Forged In Aeternum Video Talks About Lore In The MMORPG

The latest episode in Amazon Games' New World Forged in Aeternum series touches on the lore of the MMORPG. Not really just the lore itself, but some of the insight into crafting the lore itself.

The video is presented by Mike Willette, the World Experience Lead, as well as Art Director Charles Bradbury and Narrative Director Rob Chestney to talk about crafting the lore. There are some spoilers if you're not caught up on the MMORPG's story, but it's an interesting look into the teams that create the worlds we play in for hours on end.

It's a short video, but there is some interesting nuggets of info in there, including the overarching question the developers asked when crafting the story of New World: what is the cost of eternal life?

This was central to the main story in New World, specifically shown in the character Yonas, as Mike explains the character effectively split because of all the information he has been learning for these long years.

"We started that with Yonas, like, getting glimpses of it and then this kind of madness. And you're kind of seeing what happens to a being who's been here this long and tries to store that much in their brain and how they can potentially break," Willette says when answering the eternal life question. 

"We talked about the human brain is not designed to store information for longer than 100 years," Chestney added. "And once you go over that you start seeing errors."

The small round table also touches on crafting the story of Brimstone Sands, as well as some of the decisions that went into the characters players faced in New World's original main questline, though it never goes fully in-depth with the creation process (the video is only about five minutes long), but it does offer some interesting insight into some of these decisions. 

You can check out the video in the embed above. New World recently launched its Brimstone Sands update, expanding the world of Aeternum and its lore, as well as released new fresh start servers to try to recreate some of the magic of those first few weeks of mayhem in the MMO. You can also check out the last New World video where the team talked about differing playstyles in the MMORPG.


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