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New World's Latest Entry In Its Touring Aeternum Series Features The Swampy Region Of Reekwater

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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New World's Latest Entry In Its Touring Aeternum Series Features The Swampy Region Of Reekwater

New World is coming at the end of the summer, and Amazon Games is continuing its romp through Aeternum, showing off the various regions and settlements players will explore. This tme its the swampy region of Reekwater. 

Reekwater itself is one of the higher-level zones, featuring the required fort (though Amazon calls Reekwater fort one fo the "most imposing and well protected structures in all Aeternum") as well as the Reekwater Hamlet. This region is most recongizeable thanks to its boggy marshalnds, with the Hamlet seemingly situated on floating wooden platforms in the marsh itself. Buildings are set high in the trees that make up the borders of the hamlet, and small boats line the walkways as the marshy water sifts through the settlement.

Like previously detailed regions, Reekwater includes some defining features that make exploring and adventuring in the region worthwhile, such as the imposing fishing village of Mosswater Bourg, and if you take on the task of helping the hamlet deal with the Siren Queen, you'll find her at the Spire of Melpomene. 

The region is also home to one of New World's expeditions, which are instanced group dungeons in the MMO. The Lazarus Instrumantality expedition can reap plenty of rewards according to the video's narrator, and players will also be able to explore the ruined architecture of the Eternal Pools a little farther north.

You can check out the whole video in the embed above. We previewed Reekwater last year when it was first revealed and added to the ongoing alpha test. We came away impressed by the swampy and boggy region, comparing it's hamlet to a run-down version of Lord of the Rings'  Caras Galadhon thanks to the flet platforms in the trees. While the questing left some to be desired, hopefully the extra time given to finish New World has improved upon that since we ran through the region last November.


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