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New World Tours Edengrove, Showcasing The Colorful Region In Latest Video In Series

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New World Tours Edengrove, Showcasing The Colorful Region In Latest Video In Series

The mostly unsettled region of Edengrove is next up in New World's Touring Ateternum video series, showcasing the vast tracts of land and colorful forests of the region.

Like every region, Edengrove has its settlement of Valor Hold, as well as a small outpost called Last Stand Outpost, complete with the friendly inn-keeper. However, it seems Edengrove is known for its lush, colorful landscape, as well as the tower of Malevolence which dominates the center of the region itself. 

"As you adventure through Edengrove, you're likely to be drawn to the tower of Malevolence, near the center of the region. this enormous, imposing structure is protected from all sides by Dryads, and you'll need to keep your wits about you when fighting them off, lest you fall from the stone walkways to your untimely demise," the narrator on the video warns.

New World's Edengrove is home to forests, including one which includes the Garden of Genesis, protected by hostile Dryads and the Blight, which curses all of New World's...erm...world. The colorful forests aren't Edengroves only imposing features, as the video shows off massive stone works on the mountainsides, complete with its own deadly stairs to climb. 

Notably absent seems to be the massive fort each of the previous regions had. The two outposts serve as its only NPC waystations for adventurer's, and the narrator does caution against inexperienced players from exploring the landscape Edengrove has on offer. 

You can check out the full video above. Over the weekend during E3 2021, New World's Scot Lane also sat down (rather stood in person) with Geoff Keighley to talk about the MMO and address some of the Pay to Win fears. Additionally, the team started to break down more in-depth their Expeditions content, which act as the player dungeons in New World


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