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New World Talks PvP Wars And PvE Invasions In New Dev Diary

Touts the modes as major pillars of New World

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New World Talks PvP Wars And PvE Invasions In New Dev Diary

Amazon's New World is humming along towards its new August release date, and the developer has recently put out a new developer diary, this time all about wars and invasions. 

The developer diary details how war and invasions are major pillars of New World's gameplay, specifically going so far as to say that its PvP seiges are, according to Lead System Designer John Liberto, a "new level of social dynamism no other game has." 

In the video the team details how territorial wars between factions and companies work. Essentially as two territories "clash" with each other, a war between them can begin. PvP war plays out in stages, from battering down the gates of a fort to claiming the flag, securing victory. Defenders will have access to seige defenses to repel the attacking company - who will also have seige wepons to assault the player fort with.

Per the description in the video:

"One territory can challenge another to war at their fort. If one company is in control of a territory, if you have enough standing you can go with your company and try to do basically a hostile takeover. Every company in control of a territory sets what's called a seige window."

Once a seige window is scheduled, players will take part in what Amazon calls an "intense PvP battle" for an hour. This 50v50 fight is the "pinnacle" of PvP in New World, according to Player Experience Lead David Verfaillie.

It's interesting to note the claim that these seiges are being touted as a new level of social dynamism that no other game has - especially when you consider the rich history of PvP warfare and mechanics in MMOs for almost two decades. It'll be interesting to see how that claim plays out once more players can go hands on with PvP Wars in New World

PvE Invasions also play a huge role in as the corrupted start to assault player-run settlements. As the forces of Corruption start to amass stregnth in a specific territory, the will start to seige your fort. New World detailed this previously, but the video itself goes into some more detail regarding the Invasion mechanics that make up a pillar of New World's gameplay. 

"Invasions are different from war. Invasions are large-scale PvE events where hundreds of Corrupted try to ruin your progress in un-leveling your territory," Senior Producer Michael Willette says when describing the event. You can check out the video to learn more. New World is slated to release on August 25th, with is Closed Beta happening a month earlier in July. 


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