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New World Talks About Its Alpha, Future Plans Heading Into Its July Closed Beta

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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New World Talks About Its Alpha, Future Plans Heading Into Its July Closed Beta

New World is in a transition phase, as the team at Amazon Game Studios is getting ready to start prepping for its upcoming closed beta. May's Alpha Update brings with it some more of the vision that the team has wanted since they set out to create New World as the team gets ready for polish and finish on the MMO heading into the July closed beta test.

In a new video (with accompanying blog postNew World's game director Scot Lane thanked the players who have stuck by Amazon Game Studios during this long journey into Aeternum, specifically talking to those who have helped alpha test the MMO over the years. The team itself is releasing its May Alpha update, which Scot says the test will run through June 6th, giving players another chance to help shape the future of Aeternum before the MMO officially launches later this year. 

Lane also sets out the team's vision of New World heading into the upcoming August launch, reminding players that PvP and PvE are meant to "coexist" and "compliment" each other in New World

"Our vision for New World is to create a game where PvP and PvE play styles will not just coexist but will complement each other. Our goal is to create a world where incredible natural beauty is contrasted with supernatural danger. We set out to tell the story of how the allure of Azoth has drawn people from nations around the world—and how the Corruption that awaits them in Aeternum has impacted them over the centuries. We also wanted to create an MMO with action combat that felt great at scale. Most of all, we wanted to craft a world that players could get lost in for hours and hours. I feel that we've achieved our vision by striking the right balance with our new content and features."

Lane goes on to talk about what the team will be focusing in on in the coming weeks and months as the AGS team heads into its much anticipated closed beta test on July 20th. They wil be switching gears to start working hard on bug fixes, polish, performance as well as much needed balance changes to ensure that New World is in the best possible shape it can be for July 20th.

New World has had a long journey, being delayed multiple times throughout its life. However, the team seems poised to hit this new release date of August 31st, 2021. Last week, we had the chance to check out New World's PvE instanced content, expeditions, and while we struggled due to team-size, we were optimistic as to what this represents for New World moving forward.


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