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New World Shows Off Its 20v20 Outpost Rush Mode As Amazon's Lumberyard Engine Goes Open Source

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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New World Shows Off Its 20v20 Outpost Rush Mode As Amazon's Lumberyard Engine Goes Open Source

New World is continuing its ramp towards its beta later on this month, this time showing off its PvPvE mode, Outpost Rush. This mode sees teams of 20 go head to head to fight over outposts, seeking to crush your enemies for total victory.

The video itself shows two teams fighting for control over three outposts on a map, and while many games might have you simply capture and hold, New World seemingly takes it up a notch by having teams upgrade and defend the outposts from enemies around them. Players will need to balance fighting and gathering materials to upgrade the outpost to make it more formidable as a defensive structure in order to eke out victory against their opponents. 

On each outpost you'll be able to upgrade things like the gates themselves, or add giant, bubling cauldrons of oil to pour out onto your foes. Turrets like a Maxim-gun (set WAY before its time) can rain death down on your enemies. You can also erect ressurection points to turn an outpost into a forward operating base to start to push your opponents back. 

New World is also seeing its game engine, Lumberyard, go open source, according to VentureBeat. Lumberyard will be known as Open 3D Engine, and according to game journalist Dean Takahashi, it's already being used by at least 20 different companies., notably Denis Dyack and his Apocalypse Studios, among others. 

Lumberyard, if you'll recall, is based on Crytek's CryEngine, the game engine powering PC-melting titles such as Crysis. New World isn't the only MMO to be using Lumberyard, as Cloud Imperium Games' upcoming Squadron 42 and the larger MMO, Star Citizen, also use Lumberyard to power their worlds. 


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