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New World Shows Off Housing In Amazon's MMO Through New Video Series

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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New World Shows Off Housing In Amazon's MMO Through New Video Series

Amazon's New World is continuings its...unique...take on pushing their game through a new video series, this time giving a glimpse into player housing. The video, which feels like it should be a cringe realty show on TLC, sees two characters looking for their 'forever home' in Aeternum.

In a new video series called "Settling Down," Amazon takes players through some of the housing found on offer in New World. The video itself shows off a few of the housing options players will have when looking for their homes in game, as well as props up the different crafting opportunities to make furnishings for said homes. 

When showed the empty house in Everfall, the video's "realtor" reminds the potential buyer (and players watching) that it's simply a "blank canvas."

The video also acts as a way to remind everyone that fishing is in New World, as well as give a brief recap of some of the dangers facing each zone, such as the Ancient Guardians "swarming" the landscape. 

Housing in New World will allow players to personalize and creat their own space for their characters to relax and enjoy the spoils of their adventures. Settlements themselves will levy a small tax on housing properties (something the video mentions as well), and while furniture can be crafted or purchased, you can also find pets to bring home with you on your journeys. 

Houses will also act as a recall point, helping you get around the map faster, especially in an MMO with no mounts to speak of. You can check out the first housing video in the embed above to learn more and get a glimpse of some of the properties you'll be able to buy when New World launches in August. This isn't the first video released lately to highlight New World in a unique way, either. The recent Touring Aeternum series came to a close last week with the Shattered Mountain region, and the team even hosted an in-game fashion show to showcase some of the armor you'll be able to get in-game.


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