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New World Releases New Expeditions Video Explaining How Dungeons Work In Aeternum

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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New World Releases New Expeditions Video Explaining How Dungeons Work In Aeternum

Released during the hub-bub of E3 2021, New World dropped a new video giving an "Expeditions 101" primer to those planning on plunging headlong into the world of Aeternum come July's beta test. 

The video hones in on the Lazarus Instrumentality expedition (found in the region of Reekwater, which New World's Amazon Games just gave a sweeping tour of), showcasing how the PvE content shakes out in the MMO.

"In Expeditions, you'll face unique and challenging foes, solve elaborate riddles and puzzles, and discover rare and powerful items that will aid you in your journey through Aeternum," the video's narrator explains at the outset. The New World team preview the expedition, showcasing some of the dungeon's puzzles to portray how these expecditions challenge your "wit" as well as your brawn.

For those who wonder how the classless system works in New Worldhoping you can just rush into these encounters with whatever party make-up you want, the narrator cautions against that. This is an MMO afterall - there has to be a trinity. You'll need to make sure you've got a healer, DPS and tank role assigned to your players to ensure things go smoothly, as well stock up on potions and more to keep the fight going.

You can check out the full video in the embed above. If you're interested in a deeper dive, and where I found out first hand having the right party make-up - and enough people - can mean all the difference in the world, check out our preview coverage.

New World wasn't absent from E3, even though Amazon announced another game, this little known title named Lost Ark, would be coming to the West. Scot Lane from the team talked to Geoff Keighley in person for an interview, like in the Before Times, touching on what exactly is New World, as well as the pay-to-win concerns players might have.


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