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New World Preps Players In New Legends Trailer Ahead Of Next Week's Beta

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New World Preps Players In New Legends Trailer Ahead Of Next Week's Beta

New World is hitting its open beta next week, and the team at Amazon Game Studios has released the second of its three-part Legends series on YouTube today. The trailer itself isn't much in the way of new information, but instead feels like the typical marketing trailer you would get leading up to a game launch, but it's still a cool one to check out.

The trailer itself, which only clocks in around a minute or so long, is supposed to be about the "supernatural and mysterious history" behind the Eternal Isle where New World takes place.  The gritty voice over talks about "life, death and eternity," and bring up a "great struggle" where the denizens of Aeternum fight against the corruption that is encompassing the isle. 

"In this great struggle heroes arise, fighting with all their might of arms and cunning magics, armed with only the stregnth of the weapons and alliances they forge to make a stand against this horror, and defy Aternum's corruption." 

The trailer doesn't really give much more information about New World, but it is meant more to drum up excitement for next week's open beta, which begins on September 9th. Players will be able to jump into the world for free to stress the servers one last time before New World launches on September 28th.


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