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New World of Titans Video Showcases the Game's Overhaul

Casey Bell Posted:
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New World of Titans Video Showcases the Game's Overhaul

A year in the making, the World of Titans team recently released a new video that shows off their work in completing patch The update completely overhauls the game and the team spent the nearly hour long video taking players through Gal’Tal mountains, the game’s starting zone for new players, and going over much more.

One major shift in this update is the move away from the game’s previous classless system to a class based system. Players can now select from classes such as Necromancer, Cleric, or Assassin, and pick from races including Undead and Orc.

There are new character customization and group features, too. Players can now modify their appearances with myriad armor pieces. Armor sets will also be a feature in World of Titans, granting players set bonuses for completing a particular set. Grouping has been added as well and allows players to share experience and quest progress.

The team also discussed dungeons and their role in World of Titans, providing players with challenging content that serves to prepare them for endgame raids. Dungeons can technically be done solo, but bringing along the holy trinity of tank, healer, and DPS will make things a lot easier.

There are plenty of other topics covered in the video, including crafting, trading and player vs player combat. We’ve included the full video here.


Casey Bell