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New World Is Going On A Tour Of Aeternum, Giving Players A Glimpse At Its First Location, Windsward

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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New World Is Going On A Tour Of Aeternum, Giving Players A Glimpse At Its First Location, Windsward

New World's beta is fast approaching, and the team is starting to show case some more of the places you can visit a bit more in-depth in its Touring Aeternum series. First up is the region of Windsward.

Windsward itself is a region in the south of Aeternum, the island where New World takes place, which the in-game tour guide describes as a lush area full of natural resources. While Windsward Town, the main settlement in the area is small. it's situated on a river running through the town, letting the settlement dominate the flow of goods and resources in the area. 

The narrator describes in the video where various crafting stations, such as the smithy tannery and even points out the Southern Breeze inn, where adventurers can set their recall points for fast traveling. The video is very much situated "in-universe" with the narrator also pointing out various NPCs you'll come in contact with for missions and more throughout your stay in Windsward.

Amrine Temple also lies in Windsward, which houses one of its ExpeditionsNew World's version of instanced dungeons for up to five players. The temple itself is the site of an excavation which went sour, leading New World players to discover the fate of the excavation party. Barkimedes is also there to say hello to if you decide to venture towards the temple.

Windsward Fort lies in the north of the region, which is where the in-game PVP wars will take place to take over the region from each other. The video goes into some of the defense - and weak points - for the fort for both attackers and defenders to take note.

The full video goes on to show off some of the enemies you'll deal with, from the Corrupted to just blights on the landscape. It's an interesting look at one of the locations in New World, and if you're interested in learning more about the world, it's worth a watch. 

New World recently has made waves with its plans for an in-game shop, specifically mentioning that while the items in the shop will only be cosmetic at launch, there are plans to add convenience items like rested XP and other boosts potentially in the future. Though Amazon is quick to point out that there are no plans on doing this until 2022 at the earliest. 


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