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New World Developer Diary Shows Off The Warring Factions Of Aeternum

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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New World Developer Diary Shows Off The Warring Factions Of Aeternum

Amazon Game Studios have released a new dev diary showing off the enemies you might find throughout your exploration of Aeternum, the Eternal Isle in the upcoming MMO New World. The diary goes into detail some of the enemies you'll encounter, as well as why the land is deathless. 

Throughout the video the team breaks down the various factions you'll face, as well as the corrupted - enemies that will attack you and your settlements as you establish yourself in the world of Aeternum. New World will also feature player vs player wars where enemy factions will try to take over your town or fort, resulting in major battles over territory on the Eternal Isle. 

New World is coming to PC later this Spring on May 26th.


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