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New World Dev Diary Breaks Down Crafting Progression

Become A Master Crafter In Aeternum

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New World Dev Diary Breaks Down Crafting Progression

Amazon Games recently published a new dev diary to YouTube, talking all about crafting and progression in New World. The video, which is about five minutes long, breaks down progression in crafting, taking you from an early crafter to potentially becoming the best crafter in the land.

The video breaks down progression, talking specifically how to level up a character,  stating that every action you take in New World will benefit your character.  Weapon progression, tradeskill and more - every action you take improves your proficiency in this area. 

Territory standing is an interesting one, as you'll gain experience in this progression path simply by playing in a certain territory. Doing so will unlock bonuses, such as increased experience and housing. 

Crafters can also create massively improved and powerful weapons and items for players, imbuing them with special qualities. New World  Lead UX Designer Dan Henuber even states that you can "become the best craftsman on the server."

"Between perks, gems, and the crafting skill families, you have massive amounts of control over your crafts. Depending on the time you want to spend in it, you can become the best craftsman on the server.”

New World is coming out August 25th, with its beta still scheduled for July 23rd. Recenrtly as well the team unveiled a new steelbook edition, which you can check out here.


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