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New World Continues Its Tour Of Aeternum, This Time Visiting Mourningdale

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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New World Continues Its Tour Of Aeternum, This Time Visiting Mourningdale

New World is ramping up towards its July beta ahead of launch in August, this time showing off the region of Mournigdale in their Touring Aeternum series.

In their last Touring Aeternum video, the team looked at Windsward, a region in the south of the Eternal Isle. Today they set their sights on Mourninghold, a dreary, rainy place that only the "incredibly brave or the incredibly foolish make their home."

Mourninghold's defining features, other than its dank, damp setting, are the Argonath-like statues that dominate the landscape, as well as unique flora and fauna. The video described Mourningdale Hamlet, the settlement in the region, as an "oasis in a vast region of torment," and it makes sense as the quiet settlement seems unaffected by the turbluent storms and damp atmosphere found throughout the region otherwise. 

Mourningdale's ruins are a highlight of the region, with the constant rain drowning their many secrets. Like every major region, Mourningdale also has a fort to facilitate New World's PVP wars. This fort is different as its built near a beach in order to protect the region from land and sea assaults, meaning that attackers won't be able to use the terrain for cover if they assault from the beachhead. 

You can check out all that Mourningdale has to offer in the video embed above. New World is slated to launch this summer on August 31st, with its beta beginning on July 20th for those who have pre-ordered the upcoming MMORPG from Amazon. Recently we had the chance to check out one of the upcoming PvE dungeons, Amrine Expedition, which goes a long way to injecting the MMO-feel into New World


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