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New World Announces Closed Beta Date, Coming July 23rd

Pre-orders get access to closed beta

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New World Announces Closed Beta Date, Coming July 23rd

New World announced its closed beta date during the PC Gaming Show today. Coming July 23rd, players who pre-order New World now will gain access to the closed beta next month. 

New World takes players to the Eternal Isle of Aeternum, pitting them against each other and the denizens of the Isle set during the Age of Exploration. Amazon's forary into survival MMOs has players fighting against corrupted PvE factions, as well as engaging in massive wars for territory over other players. We had the chance to go hands-on earlier this year in one of the major PvP battles and PvE exploration, with our writer, Brian, finding the experience rather enjoyable overall.

Along with the date, the team at Amazon also released a new combat oriented trailer, showing off some of the dangers you'll face on the Eternal Isle.

New World will hit Steam on August 25th, but for those who want an earlier look can pre-order and gain access to the closed beta by pre-ordering today, with two versions available - a standard edition at $39.99 and deluxe for $49.99. 


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