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New Warrior Spotlight - Gallion

MMORPG.com Staff Posted:
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New Warrior Spotlight - Gallion

The Breakaway team has put out a new trailer to introduce fans to Gallion, a Warrior archetype that, unlike back line healers, is there in the midst of the battle to lend assistance to companions.

Gallion’s design started with the idea that we could have a warrior who had already ascended and joined the Immortals' circle...but who had since fallen from grace. We still can see the marks of his descent on his broken wing.

Gallion is entitled, pretentious and vain; he knows he is the best, and has no doubt that he will soon be back amongst the Immortals -- it is a mere matter of time. We tried to translate this aspect of his personality into his visual design by portraying him as a rock star; a diva. There was a lot of David Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust influence when we designed him, bare chested with floating star straps.

You can visit the Breakaway site to check out concept art, learn a bit about his back story and much more.


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