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New Tutorial Series Introduces Fans to Game Features

MMORPG.com Staff Posted:
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New Tutorial Series Introduces Fans to Game Features

The Crowfall site has been updated with a trio of tutorial videos designed to introduce new players and / or fans to the game itself and to its systems. The first three videos cover a basic introduction, the essentials for harvesting and how to get equipped and ready for the fight.

We set about creating a series of tutorial videos that cover the main aspects of Crowfall. These videos are meant to be brief overviews that will get a new player started, but will still allow for discovery and theorycrafting as they delve deeper into each of these systems. They will be available on YouTube and through the Videos tab in the lobby.

Today we're releasing the first three of these videos! The series begins with Welcome to Crowfall, which gives a taste of the game. Harvesting Basics will provide new players with the information they need to start gathering resources. The Equipment Basics video runs through the different categories of equipment, where it comes from, and how Disciplines work. 

Check out the videos here or head to the Crowfall site to learn more.


MMORPG.com Staff