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New Hood: Outlaws & Legends Video Breaks Down The Melee Brawler Class

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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New Hood: Outlaws & Legends Video Breaks Down The Melee Brawler Class

Trading in his blacksmith tools for weapons, The Brawler class gets up close and personal in Hood: Outlaws & Legends. Sumo Digital has a new video breaking down the class for the upcoming team-based PvEvP game coming in May.

In the video, narrated by game director Andrew Willans, the Brawler class is less a stealth class and more an "in your face" kind of playstyle. The Brawler carries a massive hammer to smash face, and its ultimate ability, Wrath, sends the Brawler into a raging frenzy, giving the player unlimited stamina and increased durability during the duration of the skill. The Brawler also carries a small, ranged explosive handy for taking out threats from a distance. 

The Brawler can also help your allies by holding open portcullises to help get your allies into compounds, while also denying enemies passage by slamming it shut afterwards. As a result of not being the stealthiest, the Brawler excels at holding defensive lines for allies as they seek to steal the treasure from the NPC faction before the other opposing player group can. 

The Brawler is the third class to be revealed, with the Ranger emulating the eponymous Robin Hood using range and stealth to tackle foes, as well as the Hunter, a "blade in the darkness" as Willans describes the stealthy class in the Hunter's video. Hood: Outlaws & Legends will be coming to PC, PlayStation and Xbox consoles on May 7th.


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