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New EVE Pulse Details Explosive Velocity Update, Japanese Localization And More

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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New EVE Pulse Details Explosive Velocity Update, Japanese Localization And More

In the latest EVE Pulse, CCP have detailed some of the most recent updates to come, or are coming to New Eden. With new initiatives such as the Explosive Velocity update, EVE's Partnership Program, and the upcoming localization of New Eden in the Japanese market, there is a ton going on in EVE Online.

In the most recent update, CCP Mirage details quite a bit of info. First is the Explosive Velocity update, which hits New Eden on the 24th of November. This update brings changes to the damage application on torpedoes, as well as other updates to the MMO. According to CCP:

"XL torpedoes are getting increases to damage, explosion velocity, and missile velocity, with all other torpedoes also having their explosion and missile velocities increased, and explosion radius decreased. This will have an effect on a number of vessel types, including Dreadnoughts such as the Phoenix, as well as Raven and Typhoon class Battleships to name but a few."

Griffin Navy Issue is also getting a balance pass, with a "move towards becoming an ECM drone platform." You can check out the full information on the EVE Online website.

Also discussed in The Pulse is the recently announced Partnership Program with EVE Online, giving streamers and content creators more access and perks for creating in EVE Online's universe. Creators who are partnered in the program will receive perks, such as free PLEX, exlusive partner skins, potential promotion by CCP and more. 

You can check out the full Pulse video in the embed above. 


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