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New Enforcer Skins, Mount Previewed + PTR Updates for Medivh & Sonya

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New Enforcer Skins, Mount Previewed + PTR Updates for Medivh & Sonya

The Heroes of the Storm team has been busy these last few weeks. In a new video put out today, the Enforcer skins for Johanna, Greymane and Lt. Morales are previewed as well as the new STORM Strider mount. In addition, a new build was uploaded to the PTR that features big, big changes for Medivh and Sonya.

Sonya has had a number ot tweaks to her talents that allow for more variety in game play. She also has a new Ruthless talent that takes down wounded heroes faster when using whirlwind. Rampage also increases the "auto attack" build.

For Sonya, we love her core gameplay but have noticed that there is very little wiggle room in what’s generally considered her default talent path. To combat this, we are opening up more survivability options so players don’t feel pressured into always taking Nerves of Steel and Ignore Pain. We are also adding a couple of fun new tools into her arsenal, including more disruption options for Ancient Spear and a number of new talents for Seismic Slam that place more focus on area-of-effect damage. As an example, the Shattered Ground talent now also increases the splash range of Seismic Slam, allowing some interesting opportunities for poking opponents in lane, or dishing out tons of damage in a teamfight.

Medhivh also has a number of big changes. Playing him will reward "skillful use of his abilities and expand his counterplay opportunities". 

When looking at updating Medivh, we recognized his reputation as a challenging Hero who excels in the right hands. We absolutely love this about the Hero, and wanted to add even more opportunities for players to show off their skills while simultaneously reducing some of the frustration players can experience when playing against Medivh. To accomplish our goal of amping up the more fun and challenging aspects of the Hero, we are making a modified version of the Master’s Touch talent a baseline quest for Medivh, and adding a version of the Reabsorption talent into Force of Will. On the other hand, in order to combat some of the frustrations experienced when playing against Medivh, we are reducing the overall uptime on both Force of Will and Portal. We think these changes, in combination with several exciting new talents, will allow enemies to effectively play around Medivh, while also rewarding those players who time clutch Force of Wills and land massive amounts of Arcane Rifts.

Read the full PTR update notes here or head straight to the Heroes of the Storm site to read more about Medivh's and Sonya's changes.


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