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New Black Desert Online Video Shows Off Corsair's Combat And Combos Ahead Of Tomorrow's Launch

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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New Black Desert Online Video Shows Off Corsair's Combat And Combos Ahead Of Tomorrow's Launch

A new video by the Black Desert team shows off the combat and basic skills of its upcoming class, the Corsair. The video breaks down the different attacks and their button inputs, as well as some basic combos to get players on their way to mastering the new class.

The Corsair drops in Black Desert tomorrow, and the team is making sure players are ready. While other classes have just been released with a video or two showing the character in action, as well as detailing a few of the moves, this new video shows combos in action, as well as the inputs needed to pull them off. 

Via the YouTube description:"Armed with Serenaca, a composite blade that can change its length at will, and Mareca, the jewel of the sea that grants the bearer the power of the tides, Corsair’s fluid skills and combos make short work of her enemies!"

Black Desert's twenty-third class releases tomorrow, bringing the new Corsair to the MMO. Using her extendable cutlass-esque sword, the Corsair can do damaging combos with the sword as well as a magic orb which summons the sea (as well as turns her into a mermaid). Using the waves, she can quickly zip around the battlefield to deal damage to her foes, such as with the skill Mareca: Sea Stroll. In doing so, the Corsair summons the water to crash down, dealing what looks like AOE damage in the video itself.

You can check it out in the embed above to see more of the Corsair in action ahead of tomorrow's release. Pre-creation is ongoing, so you have time to get your Corsair ready when the doors open tomorrow in Black Desert Online.


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