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Neverwinter's Next Update, Jewel in the North, Launches on PC July 27

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Neverwinter's Next Update, Jewel in the North, Launches on PC July 27

Neverwinter’s next update is called Jewel in the North and arrives on PC on July 27, with PS4 and Xbox One set to receive it later this Fall. Read on for all the details.

This latest update will bring the Bard class, an improved new player experience, a more streamlined leveling system, quality of life improvements, and more. Matt Powers, Executive Producer on Neverwinter, expressed via press release,

“With Jewel of the North, we wanted to make it easier than ever for players to create a character and set out on adventures throughout the Forgotten Realms. The leveling experience has been streamlined, now better aligning with the Dungeons & Dragons tabletop experience, and we’re extremely excited to bring the highly-expressive Bard class to Neverwinter.”

The new Bard class is based on 5E Dungeons & Dragons. And should you choose this new class, you’ll be able to imbue your weapons with magic, use your bard skills to buff your friends through music, provide healing, and more.

A new leveling system is also being introduced with Jewel of the North. This means leveling, and its entire system, is set to be more streamlined. For example, the max level cap is changing from level 80 to level 20. This means you’ll be able to reach epic-level content much faster around 10-12 hours. If you’re a more veteran player, you’ll have the option to level up your alts.

As the press release explains,

“Players mid-way through leveling will be boosted to level 20, and for those who currently have max level characters, all of their stats and item power levels will remain the same; the only change is their character level will now be set to 20. All existing players are eligible for a new gear pack which can be claimed via the Rewards Claim Agent.”

Alongside these additions and changes, Neverwinter Jewel in the North will introduce quality of life improvements, better early game performance, a revamp of tutorials, and a new Adventures system. In recent news, Sharandar Episode 3 launched for consoles.


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