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Neverwinter's 'Adventures in Wildspace' Module is Out Now

Casey Bell Posted:
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Neverwinter's 'Adventures in Wildspace' Module is Out Now

Neverwinter’s 28th module, Adventures in Wildspace, is out now. The module concludes the game’s Spelljammer story arc, expands the Wildspace adventure zone, a new dungeon, some quality-of-life improvements, and more.

The Spelljammer story arc was added to Neverwinter with the release of the game’s last module and is inspired by the Dungeons & Dragons Spelljammer: Adventures in Space book. In Wildspace, the story picks up with the now rescued Xaryxian princess Xedalli requesting players help her in securing an alliance through Vocath, who is the Mercane crime lord and boss of the Trade Consortium, an unsavory organization that controls all commerce within Doomspace.

 Fed up with the Xarxyian Empire meddling in its business, Vocath has begun working with the Mutineer Underground. Working with Vocath may make players feel a bit queasy, but together players will assemble for an all-out assault against Prince Xeleth at Xaryxian Citadel and conclude the Spelljammer story.

The expanded Wildspace adventure zone includes two new systems with new planets, Vocath’s orbital base, and asteroid landing sites. The two new systems are Doomspace and Xaryxispace.

The Imperial Citadel is the update’s new dungeon where players will conclude the Spelljammer story and face off against Prince Xeleth. It’s available in three difficulty tiers: Normal, Advanced, and Master. Each difficulty features its own unique rewards, with the most coveted spoils available for completing the Master difficulty


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