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Naraka Bladepoint Drops Massive Content Update With New Map And Hero

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Naraka Bladepoint Drops Massive Content Update With New Map And Hero

Naraka: Bladepoint has dropped its biggest content update yet in celebration of its 1-year anniversary this summer, bringing a new map and hero to the melee battle royale.

The new map, Holoroth, brings the largest addition to the game to date, and comes with new weather conditions for players to contend with. We previewed the new map back in July, with our previewer Jason praising it for it's "personality," stating that the new, challenging map gives Naraka an "injection of energy, one that could sustain it for some time to come."

With five key areas to explore, as well as challenges that reach even up to the sky, there is a ton to explore for new and returning players. Alongside the new map, a new character is also being released: the healer Ziping Yin.

"As part of an overall development plan to lower the learning curve in the game, Ziping Yin will be the perfect starting point for players new to NARAKA’s fast-paced action," NetEase and 24 Entertainment state this morning via a press release. "As a healer, she can use her Aromatherapy ability to help restore health and armour to allies, as well as increasing damage reduction."

Additionally, she can also restore allies' health and armor by consuming rage through a still called Saving Grace, as well as negate a fatal strike - a huge advantage that could turn a fight in Naraka at a moment's notice.

Zipin Yin and the new Holoroth map are part of the weekend's 1st Anniversary event, which will also see Naraka free to try over the weekend. Starting today and running through the 22nd at 10am PT, you can check out Naraka before you buy, which will see the game 50% off now through August 30th.

This update comes on the heels of the battle royale adding a campaign mode, shoring up the content for players growing a little weary of the same basic gameplay loop. You can learn more here.


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