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Multiplayer Tactical RPG Waven Enters Early Access On August 16th

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Multiplayer Tactical RPG Waven Enters Early Access On August 16th

Waven, the tactical RPG from the Wakfu and Dofus devs, is set to enter early access next month, launching on PC and Mac on August 16th.

The free-to-play multiplayer RPG brings a lot of content to its early access period, with 25 heroes playable across 5 different classes. The team behind Waven is also trying to make it easy for new players to get a handle on the hero selection with a simplified hero selection interface.

"To write your legend, choose your character from a set of 25 heroes, each with a unique strategic approach and specific gameplay mechanics, passives and skills to let every player develop their own preferred gameplay style.

With the simplified hero selection interface, jump right into the action by choosing your starting character based on the archetypes you know and love from the RPG genre (archer, warrior, healer, assassin and mage)."

Waven Founder's Packs

Early access will feature multiple islands in Waven's archipelago game world to explore, and players will complete quests to build their deck used in the tactical combat that defines the RPG. While Waven will be free-to-play when it launches into Early Access on August 16th, developer Ankama Group is also selling Founder's Packs with in-game currency, cosmetic and visual effects, as well as a pet depending on the tier.

You can learn more on Waven's website. Also, if you're not quite sure how a deckbuilding tactical multiplayer RPG might work, check out Victoria's preview of Waven from back in May.


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