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Multiplayer Mech Shooter, GALAHAD 3093, Hits Early Access Today

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Multiplayer Mech Shooter, GALAHAD 3093, Hits Early Access Today

After a successful beta phase, the Multiplayer mech shooter, GALAHAD 3093, launches into Early Access today on Steam.

After entering beta in 2020, GALAHAD 3093 is ready to launch into a wider pool of players, hitting Steam Early Access today. Alongside the Early Access launch, GALAHAD 3093 brings with it a host of updates from the beta, including launching with seven maps, hundreds of mech customization options, Team Deathmatch of Base Assault modes and more.

Via this morning's press release:

"In the sci-fi future world of GALAHAD 3093, Knights – mech operators inspired by Arthurian legend – fight for glory in epic arenas. These brave Knights pilot powerful Lances – mechs capable of massive destruction – in a never-ending battle to capture and hold territory."

Maps themselves see players fight across arenas that encourage all different types of play, from game-changing events, such as a comet strike, to thinking vertically.  Each Knight has its own set of skills to bring to battle, as well as the ability to mod your Lance (mech) to fit any playstyle. 

"Each of the game’s eight Knights come equipped with special skills to help turn the tide of battle. Arthur can call down orbital strikes with the aid of X-caliber, Gwen can project a Royal Dome that protects allies from damage, and Mordred’s Teleport ability allows players to cross the map in the blink of an eye. Combine your advanced Lance weaponry and intrinsic Hero abilities to rule the battlefield and crush your enemies!"

You can check out GALAHAD 3093 on Steam as it launches into Early Access, with a 15% launch discount till September 8th to celebrate the launch.


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