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Mortal Online 2 Boasts Improved AI and 'Tier 2 Encounters' in Patch

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Mortal Online 2 Boasts Improved AI and 'Tier 2 Encounters' in Patch

As development of Mortal Online 2 continues, Star Vault AB is committed to polishing the game, and delivering on their hopes to provide challenging encounters to their player base. In Beta Patch, the first ‘Tier 2’ encounter will be available for testing.

In Mortal Online 2, the PvE enemy encounters are broken up into different tiers, as part or their "next generation PvE"  which will determine the type of AI that the player character will face off against when they come across certain enemies. The tiers are broken down as follows:

  • Tier 1 – This tier is used for Animals with basic behaviors, such as simple senses and mechanics that could revolve around alerting other animals of your presence.
  • Tier 2 – This tier is for enemies that are humanoid. Tier 2 encounters will react in ways that a player-group would, which includes party mechanics. With these mechanics’ players may find that ranged characters are positioned in the back and their roles play a big part in how they act. In addition to new battle tactics, all AI humans will now have Stamina and Mana, just like players do, so they will also need to manage their skills in the same way as a real person would.
  • Tier 3 – Tier 3 is still being implemented and focuses on world events. Players can expect Titans and Dragons to fall into this category. According to Star Vault, these creatures will be unique experiences, even if some of their tactics feature parts of the previous tiers.

The new Tier 2 Ai mechanics are just part of what Patch will bring. Combat tweaks and the addition of Tattoos have been added. These changes and many more are available to sift through on the patch notes on the official site. Mortal Online 2 is still in development, but their roadmap shows a lot is still planned as the game heads towards a full release. Currently there is no ETA for a release date, but players can donate to the project to get into the Beta.


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