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Mordhau Player Rains Down PANdemonium in Battle

Suzie Ford Posted:
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Mordhau Player Rains Down PANdemonium in Battle

YouTuber "BreakTheVices" has posted an awesome video showcasing the power of the PAN in Mordhau. Whether throwing it for an epic headshot or beating other players to death with it, the pan is an amazing weapon and proves that the kitchen is the deadliest place in any home...or game. 

There are many ways to bite the dust in MORDHAU, but getting hit in the face by a pan may be the most embarrassing (and I love it). When you equip the Peasant perk, you unlock a plethora of low tier weapons and it is an absolute blast. Get your pans out!

What's the best weapon you've used in Mordhau? Have you tried the pan? Let us know!


Suzie Ford

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