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MMOFPS Enlisted Releases Major Update 'Burning Sky'

Steven Weber Posted:
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MMOFPS Enlisted Releases Major Update 'Burning Sky'

Squad-based MMOFPS Enlisted has released a major update titled Burning Sky. The update introduces a lot of new features, including an advanced mission creator that will allow for players to create their own multiplayer missions. New weapons and game modes have also been added.

Darkflow Software and Gaijin Entertainment have released the latest update for Enlisted which includes plenty of new features. For those unfamiliar with Enlisted, it is a free-to-play squad-based MMO shooter where players can take control of their own personal group of multiple soldiers, and charge into battle with historical WWII era weaponry. Below is a short list of the new features that were introduced with the Burning Sky update:

  • New Vehicles: Rocket Tanks
    • Premium squads now have rocket vehicles in the Normandy and Moscow campaigns. These vehicles are available for purchase on the Gaijin store.
  • New Weather and Lighting Improvements
    • All missions now have weather effects, volumetric clouds, and improved lighting balance.
  • New Mission Editor
    • PC Clients can access the advanced mission creator to create new missions that can be played in multiplayer
  • New Game Mode
    • Confrontation is a new game mode that has been added to all campaigns.
  • New Missions
    • 10 new missions have been added in 5 different campaigns
  • New weapons and Vehicles have been added
  • A New Military Rank System has been added
  • Improvements, Fixes and More have been added!

Obviously, the list for this major update is expansive, and you will need to check out the entirety of the update on the official post. The Burning Sky update is available now on all platforms, which include Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4/5 and it is also available on Windows PCs. While the game is not available on Steam at this time, like Gaijin’s other popular title War Thunder, you can download the game directly from the official website if the new update happens to strike your fancy.


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