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Mistvane Shrine Challenges Players to High Altitude Battle

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Mistvane Shrine Challenges Players to High Altitude Battle

In the clouds above the Floating Isles, there is a prison called Mistvane Shrine that can be discovered by Dark & Light adventurers. Those willing to ride a conveyor belt into the prison will find it packed with "terrible creatures that could not be controlled". It will be a battle to the end, but a lucrative one for those who persevere. 

Qinaryss Gustclaw

Qinaryss Gustclaw is the sole descendant of a tribe known by legend as the "Galeriders", a band of powerful harpies who were responsible for gathering the wind magic to give rise to Mistvane Shrine. Qinaryss Gustclaw is over five centuries old and, since birth, has bathed in the concentrated magic of the temple. She is able to project her voice, causing Adventurers to become disoriented or even blackout. She is a truly dangerous foe, and will stop at nothing to defend her domain against any intruding Adventurers.

Players will also be able to create the Stormbreaker Glaive and Cloudburst Armor with materials found in Mistvale. 

Read the full update notes on the Dark & Light Steam page.


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