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Mission Map Upgrades

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Mission Map Upgrades

It's been a year since the first Mission Map was shown to Ship of Heroes fans. To celebrate the big day and to show off the vast number of improvements and updates that the Mission Map has gone through in the intervening months, a new video has been released. It features the same map as shown a year ago with a completely new look and is shown using the new, upgraded engine.

  • The dev team is building a game with two primary settings for combat and missions.  There is a large outdoor map called Apotheosis City, which has already been shown in several other videos and one combat Alpha.  This video shows one of several indoor maps, which will generally be dedicated to a solo player or a single team, and will use instancing to prevent players from having to compete for valuable drops or progress.
  •  One conclusion from the release of this revised map is that this dev team does not have the frequent stops and re-starts that plague other teams.  They go back and improve game elements, even ones deemed good enough in the past.  The original map shown in this video was first published twelve months ago.  Now an upgrade is being released, and there will probably be more changes in the future.  SoH is evolving, and the direction is good.
  •  We’re told that this particular map will support a mission instance that will typically take about 30-40 minutes to complete.  However the devs at SoH are pretty flexible about player strategies.  If a team figures out how to complete the mission in 5 minutes, more power to them!

Learn more on the Ship of Heroes site.


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