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Mione Solos Cathedral of Eternal Night +15 ON TIME

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Mione Solos Cathedral of Eternal Night +15 ON TIME

If you've been following the escapades of Mione, a World of Warcraft Demon Hunter, you know of each and every Mythic + dungeon run throughout the course of Legion. In the latest dungeon run, Mione is back and finishes the Cathedral of Eternal Night on M+15 and on time. For the record, +15 is something many groups can't accomplish, let alone a solo player!

This is the most optimized route I could make, although I will keep trying to find better routes of course (tyrannical can play differently even if the route is mostly the same, but you pull slightly less before Agronox and pull slightly more afterwards. Maybe I'll try a Tyrannical run in the future). Invis pot at the start is debatable but in my experience, the first few trash packs are way too annoying when soloing as there are way too many abilities to interrupt properly without Quickened Sigils (which is too much of a dps loss to pick). Rest of the route is about trial and error to know what I can and cannot afford to pull and when. I'm mostly gated by single target damage and interrupts in the first half, and by raw survivability in the second half.

Beating +15 in time is pretty much endgame when it comes to m+ soloing, so I am very satisfied!

I use Sephuz+AHR on the first few packs, then Cinidaria+Sephuz on the trash in Agronox's room+Agronox himself, back to Sephuz+AHR on everything leading up to Mephistroth (I usually do not leave combat before Domatrax so I didn't even prepare a Domatrax specific gearset rip), and Cinidaria+AHR on Mephistroth. I also ditch the 4p/2p in favor of full offensive stats on Mephistroth as well.

Stats this was done with:  https://i.imgur.com/b8mswTQ.png (Fiery Demise, Shadowbind, Aura of Pain on all three relics). This includes flask, food, etc.

Ilvl: 970

Weapon level: 82

Talents: Abyssal Strike, Fallout, Flame Crash, Fracture, Concentrated Sigils, Spirit Bomb, Last Resort

Check it out and let us know what you think!


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