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Metin2's Legend of the White Dragon Update Out Now

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Metin2's Legend of the White Dragon Update Out Now

We’ve got an exclusive new trailer for Metin 2’s latest update, Legend of the White Dragon. It’s available next now. Here are the details.

The new update is set to bring about some new additions to Metin 2. First up, there’s a new map called Northwind Canyon which is a mountain pass with monsters and treacherous geography. There’s also plenty of new crafting mats available there.

But that’s not the only new map arriving in the Legend of the White Dragon update. Soul Gorge is the second new map which is described as a valley. There’s a new dungeon as well called Northwind Dungeon where you’ll fight a dragon. Plus, you’ll earn some new rewards doing so.

Finally, there’s a new boss of “epic proportions.” Not much detail was given here, but it’ll be up to you to discover what this beast may be. New items will also be introduced for level 120 and beyond like new gloves, new Serpent weapons, a new dragon mount, and new pet.

The press release provides some additional color commentary on the Legend of the White Dragon update for Metin 2,

“In the far northern wastelands of Yohara, legend tells of a mighty, winged beast that sleeps beneath the endless layers of ice, snow, and permafrost in the frozen and desolate Soul Gorge. Many moons ago, the great white dragon known as Alastor was a force of destruction that terrorized the lands and brought misery and woe to all who called the area home. However, Alastor hasn’t been seen in a while, and many thought him gone for good. Unfortunately, now that Sung Mahi’s evil energy has spread to the distant valley, the threat of Alastor’s rage has been reawakened, and only a courageous band of heroes can freeze this threat in his tracks and save the people of Yohara from an endless winter of death and doom!”


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