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Metin2 Update 21.0: Curse of the Serpent Queen Brings New Zone and More This Month

February 23

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Metin2 Update 21.0: Curse of the Serpent Queen Brings New Zone and More This Month

Metin2 is set to receive a new content update 21.0 called Curse of the Serpent Queen on February 23, bringing a new zone, dungeons, bosses, and more.

The new zone is called Yilad Pass and will bring a new storyline to boot. You’ll need to keep your guard up as new quests and Chieftains with their polluted army will keep you on your toes. As part of this new zone is a new dungeon, Serpent Temple. This is the lair of the Serpent Queen. Battling with new, slithery, serpentine monsters using challenging new mechanics across several sub-basements will give you rare drops such as Serpent equipment and other rare goodies.

In addition to the Serpent Temple arrives another dungeon simply described as “Mysterious Dungeon” in the accompanying press release. This is purported to be a twisted maze with spawns of different monsters with high-level weapons, in addition to a mysterious talisman.

A new armor set part of the Curse of the Serpent Queen update is the Serpent Equipment, which brings with it several bonuses which you can, of course, upgrade. Be sure to check out the trailer above.


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