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Medusa's Deathmatch Introduces 3v3v3

MMORPG.com Staff Posted:
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 Medusa's Deathmatch Introduces 3v3v3

If you're ready for some chaotic gameplay, you'll definitely want to check out SMITE's latest update that brings Medusa's Deathmatch into the game with its 3v3v3 action. You and your team will try to win three rounds by eliminating the enemy to be the last one's standing. Teams will have to deal with one another AND a deadly sandstorm as it rages.

Medusa’s Deathmatch presents players with an all new challenge: TWO enemy teams at once! Explore the brand-new Egyptian map created specially for this adventure. Discover new ways to ambush your foes and take them out — before the sandstorm buries you all.

Read the details on the SMITE site.


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