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Marvel's Avengers - War Table Reveals New Character: Hawkeye, Beta Details Revealed

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Marvel's Avengers - War Table Reveals New Character: Hawkeye, Beta Details Revealed

In the latest Marvel’s Avengers War Table, a hulk-load of information was released including some beta rewards and the reveal of a new playable character, Hawkeye. For players that will be playing one of the several upcoming beta tests in August, the War Table has provided quite a bit of information as to what you can look forward to.

For the August beta tests, players will be able to experience 25 minutes of gameplay revolving around the Golden Gate bridge. Crystal Dynamics believes that this mission is paramount for players that want to get in and try all the different characters, as well as get a handle on traversal and combat. The battle doesn’t stop there, players will then be opened to a wide world where they will get the chance to try several missions that were chosen to display the array of different wide-open spaces players’ will get to explore during the live game.

After completing the story missions, Warzones, Drop Zones and HARM rooms will become available, allowing you to select one of four heroes, and bound into with up to 4 other players. Each mission has specific objectives to complete, and your preferred character can be customized to your play style to prepare you for the challenges ahead.

Some quick highlights from the War Table Video:

  • Story missions include – Golden Gate Bridge, a Pacific Northwest level for the Olympia Archive, and the Russian Tundra for a mission called Missing Links.
  • Playable heroes for multiplayer will be – Iron Man, Kamala Khan (Ms. Marvel), Hulk and Black Widow
  • HARM Rooms, Warzones and Drop Zones will be available. 3 HARM Challenge rooms and 5 Warzones will be available in the beta.
  • Hawkeye has been revealed as the first character available post-launch. 3 Other new character icons were shown but were not revealed.
  • Progression during the beta will allow players to access 1 out of 3 total pages of a character’s skill tree. There was nearly a dozen different unlocks shown on just the first skill page.
  • Ultimate moves will also be available for use, and Iron Man’s Hulk Buster armor was shown as Iron Man’s Ultimate Ability.
  • The Companion AI utilizes your heroes that you level and slot, as one would expect from an RPG. This includes different costumes. Mr. Fixit for Hulk was shown as a usable skin.

Square Enix also released information regarding the rewards for completing challenges in the beta. Strangely enough, rewards revolve around new skins for Pickaxe's in Fortnite.

These are just some of the tidbits of information picked out of the War Table reveal. Marvel’s Avengers is set to launch September 4th. The beta starts on August 7th through the 9th on PS4, and August 14th for PC and Xbox. Open beta for non-preorders will be available August 21st.


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