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Marvel Snap's April 2024 Season Update Features The Thunderbolts

Casey Bell Posted:
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Marvel Snap's April 2024 Season Update Features The Thunderbolts

A new Marvel Snap season is upon us! The April 2024 season will focus on Marvel’s antihero team the Thunderbolts with Baron Zemo featured as the season pass card.

Baron Zemo is interesting as a 3/5 with the ability “Recruit the lowest-Cost card from your opponents deck to your side of this location.” The ‘Recruit’ keyword is an entirely new mechanic for Marvel Snap, allowing players not only to mill their opponent’s deck but also turn them to their side of the board.

Another Thunderbolt coming this season that’s guaranteed to be a surefire hit is Red Hulk. At 6/11 with the ability to gain +4 ower (in hand or on the board) every time a turn is ended with spare energy, he’s sure to put up some massive numbers. Thanos players will be happy.

We won’t dive into all of the cards here, but White Widow, while pre-nerfed from some of her datamined figures, looks to be an effective card for junk archetypes. She’s a 2/2 that adds a -4 Widow’s Kiss to the enemy’s side of her location. The -4 is disabled if the enemy fills the location, which makes it a bit easier to deal with.

For more on the update, check out the video included here.


Casey Bell