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MapleStory's Neo: Light's Wrath Update Brings a New Boss and Questline

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MapleStory's Neo: Light's Wrath Update Brings a New Boss and Questline

The Neo: Light’s Wrath update for MapleStory is bringing a Part 2 of sorts to the summer content schedule. In the new update, expect to face off against a new boss in addition to a new questline.

The new boss is called Seren (no relation to Mass Effect’s fallen Spectre, Saren) who emerged as god incarnate, wielding the power of the ancient gods. To fight Seren, you’ll need to be level 265. You’ll also need to have completed the fifth job advancement along with the “[Cernium (After)] Defensive Tactics” quest.

Defeating Seren will give you the chance to earn Mitra’s Nodestone and Mitra’s Rage Emblem, part of the Pitched Boss Set. Mitra’s Nodestone unlocks the Solar Crest skill when used and Mitra’s Rage Emblem provides +40 primary stat/secondary stat for your class and +5 Attack/Magic Attack.

Alongside this Neo: Light’s Wrath update is the Neo Castle Event, which brings about four new shops. According to the press release:

  • Neo Stone Shop: Players can exchange Neo Stones for a variety of items that can be used to enhance equipment and boost character growth 
  • Neo Gem Shop: Neo Gems are earned by playing one of the many new mini-games, and can be used to buy special cosmetic items
  • Neo Core Shop: Neo Cores can be collected by defeating bosses and can be used to purchase a variety of enhancement items
  • Neo Meso Shop: The Meso shop is stocked full of useful items and cosmetic items that can be purchased using Mesos

In addition to the Neo Castle Event, you can look forward to the Burning World and Tera Burning Plus events. These events are geared towards leveling up players where you’ll be able to create and designate burning characters and gain 1+2 levels each time you level. You can check out the full patch notes for MapleStory’snewest summer content drop.

Recently, MapleStory received a new archer class, Kain. And earlier this year, the MMO turned 16.


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