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MapleStory Behind the Scenes - Prepping for Pathfinder

Suzie Ford Posted:
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MapleStory Behind the Scenes - Prepping for Pathfinder

Nexon has published a new "behind the scenes" video developer diary for MapleStory that explores the upcoming Pathfinder class. Players will be able to start playing as a Pathfinder on June 26th. The pre-creation phase for Pathfinders is ramping up and devs wanted to provide insight into the production of the Pathfinder and much more.

We wanted to give you a look behind the scenes of what went into producing the Pathfinder class, along with the other aspects of the update, including the events, themed areas, etc. The behind the scenes video will allow you to get to know the MapleStory developer team, and get a quick look into the process of how they make the global hit MapleStory. 

Learn more about the MapleStory Pathfinder.


Suzie Ford

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