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Magic: Legends Releases First Dev Diary Talking Its Creation

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Magic: Legends Releases First Dev Diary Talking Its Creation

Cryptic Studios opened up a bit today with the release of their first dev diary, touching on the creation of Magic: LegendsIn the video, Cryptic talks about how Magic is essentially in the studios' DNA,  with multiple members being avid players of the card game.

The Dev Diary has multiple developers discussing their excitement, with interviews with CEO Stephen D'Angelo, Executive Producer Stephen Ricossa, and more. The team talks about how Cryptic was the perfect choice to build Magic: Legends, pulling from team members who worked at Wizards of the Coast, as well as developers who were members of the Magic Pro Tour.

The team also goes into the creation of Magic: Legends itself, from its origins within the studio to how the team is pulling from Magic's extensive history to bring what content lead Randy Mosiondz says will be a great "gameplay experience and storytelling experience to life."

"[Magic's] been around since the mid-90s, so we really wanted to bring a great gameplay experience and storytelling experience to life, so we can make a really cohesive story that players can dig into."

Magic: Legends is hitting PC this year, with consoles getting the game sometime in the following year. You can check out our impressions of Magic: Legends from PAX East, or if you'd like our exclusive interview with Stephen Ricossa from the Legends team for more in-depth coverage.


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