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Magic: Legends Receives Pyromancer in Today's Update

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Magic: Legends Receives Pyromancer in Today's Update

The Pyromancer is the latest Planeswalker revealed for Magic: Legends. But that’s not all this update brings to the ARPG. Here are the details.

The new Pyromancer class headlines the latest update for Magic: Legends. Obviously, this class utilizes Red Mana and is described as a ranged caster which can deal damage from a distance, “igniting the battlefield with wreckless abandon.” (*Ahem*).

The new update also brings Story Act IV: Chasing Answers. This new act sees the shadow Planeswalker you’ve been chasing having been traced to Benalia. It looks like Ral Zarek needs your help to confront the Planeswalker and get some long overdue answers.

A performance upgrade is also included in this update with the team having upgraded the environment, along with various optimizations on the software side of things, to increase performance. Additionally, more PC hardware configurations should see greater compatibility.

Finally, more features are introduced in this update like quality of life features. It also brings a random queue system for faster party gathering. The new user experience sees some updates as well to enable deckbuilding, better chat improvements, and more. Check out the trailer above.

In case you missed it, you should definitely check out our hands-on impressions of the early hours for Magic: Legends. We had quite a lot to say about the game. Late last month, the team discussed quality of life changes, end game, and more. And recently, the Maro’s Monkey Business event was held earlier this month as a weekend event.


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