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Mad World Alpha 4.0 Trailer Released - Register for Upcoming Tests Now

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Mad World Alpha 4.0 Trailer Released - Register for Upcoming Tests Now

Mad World: Age of Darkness, the upcoming, hand drawn, isometric fantasy MMORPG is heading into their Alpha 4.0 build and they want you to be a part of testing. The new trailer depicts some of the crazy, (mad, some would say) battles that players will encounter as the team at Jandisoft Co. continues their climb towards a beta version.

Mad World’s latest trailer continues to impress with their hand-drawn characters and fast paced combat. With Alpha 4 on the horizon, players can sign up to jump into the game and help the developers test and tweak during the short test window. Below are the date and time of the test, along with a link for those that are interested in signing up:

Back in October Mad World completed their 3rd Alpha, where they worked diligently on the narrative portion of the game. Earlier this week, Jandisoft posted a screenshot of the improved quest dialogue UI, which intends to make it easier for players to focus on the story aspects of the gamed. Included will be a skip function for players that are more interested in action, rather than quest conversations. In early November, Jandisoft posed a question to their facebook followers, asking what their thoughts are on issuing game items and characters as NFT’s. While they haven’t expressed that this style of play will be utilized, they have presented the Play to Earn modes as “Fun and Earn”. Whether NFT’s will eventually make their way into Mad World is up in the air, but it seems that Jandisoft is weighing their options on the matter.

Mad World: Age of Darkness runs on HTML 5, so if you participate, you won’t have any lengthy downloads or extensive game files to update. You can play the game through any browser as long as your internet connection is stable. That means players will be able to utilize mobile devices to play, as well as their PC.


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