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Luxury Yacht, PVE Arena And Upper Atomosphere Space Zone Coming With SWG Legends Bespin Expansion

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Luxury Yacht, PVE Arena And Upper Atomosphere Space Zone Coming With SWG Legends Bespin Expansion

Bespin, The City in the Clouds launches in SWG Legends next Tuesday, and the team released a trailer today showing off some of the features players should expect when traveling to the area. Some of the features include new vehicles, a PVE arena and a luxury yacht.

Bespin is coming to the Galaxies rogue server on May the Fourth after years of work, bringing a wealth of new content to the MMO. The trailer highlights some of what players can expect to see when hopping into Cloud City next week, including the arrival of new armor as well as craftable and lootable items.

Additionally, two arenas are being added, both a PvE and PvP arena to let players test themselves against either what the game can throw at them or each other. Fancy flying around the atomosphere? Bespin will launch with new vehicles as well as an upper atmosphere space zone.

Players can also experience a luxury yacht or crusie in a Lambda shuttle to get to Bespin in style. We already know about some of the iconic characters and locations players will be able to check out, and Bespin will add 170 new quests to SWG Legends

However, for those looking for housing and apartments, it's coming according to the development team, though it won't be a day 1 addition. However, they are planning post-launch content, which will include the much-anticipated apartments in the City in the Clouds.

You can check out the trailer in the embed above. Star Wars Galaxies Legends will be launching Bespin on May the Fourth.


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