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Lunara Rework Spotlight - Now with More Wisp Powah!

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Lunara Rework Spotlight - Now with More Wisp Powah!

Lunara is the second hero to be going under the microscope in Heroes of the Storm (Diablo is the other). In a new Rework Spotlight, the devs talk about forthcoming changes to everyone's favorite Dryad!

Lunara's skills will be getting retooled:

  • wisp abilities are being reworked and strengthened with more baseline abilities. For instance, the longer it sits in cover, the larger its field of vision becomes
  • older wisp talents have been replaced by Sentinel Wisp that will be able to see over and through obstacles as well as spot stealthed characters after it has hidden for a short time.
  • poison abilities will be strengthened as they spread
  • Siphoning Toxin will be available at an earlier level
  • Intensifying Toxin increases the damage of Nature's Toxin if an enemy has 3+ stacks

Check out the video and leave us your thoughts in the comments.


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