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Lost Ark's Witcher Crossover Event Is Coming On January 18th, Brings Daily And Story Quests To MMOARPG

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Lost Ark's Witcher Crossover Event Is Coming On January 18th, Brings Daily And Story Quests To MMOARPG

The long-teased Witcher crossover event with Lost Ark has finally got a release date. Coming on January 18th, players will be able to work with series regulars such as Geralt of Rivia, Dandelion, Triss Merigold, and more in a new story and daily quests to earn new items inspired by the Polish fantasy epic.

The event takes place starting on January 18th and runs through February 22nd, and will feature many fan-favorites from The Witcher, such as Geralt of Rivia, Triss Merigold, Yennefer, Dandelion and Ciri. Players will need to work with these legendary Witcher characters in new daily and story quests to earn new items in-game, such as Witcher-inspired potions, new Jukebox songs, and a new card set. Additionally, there will be new cosmetics in the in-game store, such as new weapon skins and outfits.

"As you work with Geralt, Ciri, Dandelion, Yennefer, and Triss through a series of story and daily quests, a variety of Witcher themed items available as rewards. Quest rewards include Witcher Potions, 3 Jukebox songs, a new Card Set featuring 5 Witcher Characters, a Stronghold structure, Emoticons & Selfie Stickers, and even a Title! "

The new update will also bring new Twitch Drops, giving players a chance to earn a Witcher-inspired Mokoko skin during the run of the event. An all-new event island has been opened up in Arkesia to players who have completed the "Set Sail" main story quest, but given that the event doesn't start until January 18th, there is some time to get there if you haven't already. You can check out the full details on the official blogpost.


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