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Lost Ark's Latest Combat Trailer Shows Off New Class: The Sorceress

Steven Weber Posted:
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Lost Ark's Latest Combat Trailer Shows Off New Class: The Sorceress

On August 11th, a new class hit the Korean version of Lost Ark. The Sorceress is now available to play for Smilegates’ popular ARPG. The Sorceress has powerful elemental abilities that are used specifically to destroy swaths of powerful enemies.

The latest update to hit the Korean Servers, The Sorceress, which is a potential precursor for what’s to come when Lost Ark releases in the west, has many players excited. In the short combat teaser, the Sorceress displays powerful AOE abilities, utilizing Fire, Water and Electrical attacks.

Her water and ice abilities provided significant crowd control and defensive capabilities. For her Electrical abilities, she was able to produce an orb that attracted and caused damage to a horde of enemies headed her way. Lastly, her fire abilities were on display with devastating effects. A destructive meteor shower was summoned to rain down on her opponents for several seconds, leaving the Sorceress to attack with other abilities, capitalizing on the mayhem she caused.

Many of us in the west have been patiently awaiting more information related to the release of Lost Ark by Amazon Game Studios, who is in charge of publishing the game in the region. The game will be released as a free to play game, but players are encouraged by Amazon to purchase Founders Packs, which will give players Closed Beta Access, a 3-Day head start, a pet, and more. Lost Ark is currently slated for a Fall release in North America and Europe. While we all await more information as to what state the game will release in, the Korean version continues to chug along, churning out content that we can all look on enviously at, as we patiently await our turn with the popular Action RPG.


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